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Dulevo India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Dulevo SpA, Italy in India. Dulevo is a leader in the field of Industrial and Road Sweeping Cleaning Equipments with presence in over 60 countries.
We manufacture world class cleaning equipment, with benchmark setting quality and after sales services.
  • Designed for tough conditions
  • Proven track record in india
  • Team of qualified professionals to cater to all Sales and After Sales needs
  • Work force trained by Dulevo, Italy
  • Pan India presence through network of distributors
  • Warehouse for spares located at: B-116, Sector-5, Noida-201301 (U.P.)

Application Areas:

Municipal Corporations |Ports |Airports | Cements Factories | Steel Factories | Food Industries | Engineering Industries | Highways |Electronic Industries | etc

The following the range of our product offerings:
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.
Modern work places from offices, BPOs, factories, shopping malls etc. require professional vacuum cleaners to maintain high levels of cleaning and hygiene. The vacuums are designed for long and professional usage.

In environments like factories Industrial Vacuums are needed not only for cleaning but also solving Industrial problems like picking up of metal chips, powders, oil, spillages etc.
Industrial Vacuum:
Heavy Duty Vacuum:
Industrial Vacuum System:
Walk Behind and
Ride on Scrubber Driers.
Scrubber Driers are machines designed for maintenance of large built up floor areas. A powerful walk behind scrubber-drier is capable of covering 1,800 sqm /hr and requires only one person to scrub as well as dry the floor simultaneously.

Productivity of the cleaning personnel can be enhanced immensely by the use of scrubber driers. Scrubber Drier machines are also available in Ride on version for very large floor areas like factories, shopping malls etc. These machines can deliver upto 5,000 sq.m./hr.

Scrubber Dryers:
Hot and Cold Water
High Pressure Jet Cleaners.
The High pressure machine converts the pressure of normal supply water to a high pressure. The pressure and the flow rate can be regulated. You can use only water or chemical can be used if you want. The Machines can be equipped a detergent tank so that detergent can be mixed with water to achieve a superior cleaning result. The high pressure water jet machine can be cold water or hot water. The hot water high pressure jetting machine is equipped with a diesel powered boiler so that hot water can be sprayed for difficult cleaning jobs.
Cold Water Jetting Machine:
Hot Water Jetting Machine:
Sweeping machines are designed for sweeping open areas / outside areas in areas like factories, shopping malls, parking lots, warehouses, etc. These are machines designed for tough applications and are sturdy to last many years of work. The machines are available in diesel, petrol, battery, LPG versions.

Commercial Sweepers:
Industrial Sweepers:
Street Cleaning Equipment.
Street Cleaning Machines are designed for sweeping applications on municipal roads, ports, airports, large factories like steel, cement etc. The machines use the patented Dulevo mechanical suction system. This system provides very high speed sweeping of big and small particles on the road. The machines work on a single engine and a dedicated chassis design for sweeping to provide excellent maneuverability, low noise and a very low per kilometer sweeping cost.

 Street Cleaning Machine:
The range of machines dealt by Dulevo India is as follows:
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.
  • Walk Behind and Ride on Scrubber Driers.
  • Hot and Cold Water High Pressure Jet Cleaners.<3367/li>
  • Sweepers. 
  • Street Cleaning Equipment.